Just Another Carousel

What is it?

A jQuery content carousel that works with any size content and supports mouse input.

A carousel is a sliding view that can showcase images or content in a linear or circular way.

JAC is an excellent way to showcase images in conjuction with ShadowBox.


  • Works in FF3, IE7, Opera, and Safari.
  • Supports fixed-size or variable-size children.
  • Supports the Meta plugin for jQuery.
  • Totally CSS-based allowing for high customization.
  • Degrades gracefully into an unordered list.


  • Programatically jump to a child index.
  • Allow content to be viewed in a circular (never-ending) fashion.


You must be using jQuery 1.2.6 or above.


This is distributed under the GPL license. If you make any improvements, please let us know so we can update the source code!

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