.NET Search Cloud

What is it?

.NET Search Cloud is an ASP.NET-driven search/tag cloud generator for websites that is fully customizable using CSS.


  • Free Source Code or Component-Only
  • Generated by Dataset (use with XML, Databases, Programmatically Created, etc.)
  • Optional 2-Color Gradient Cloud
  • Various Font Size Units (em, px, pt, %)
  • Max and Min Font Sizes (in Hex format)
  • Sort by a field name, ascending or descending
  • Customizable URL w/ variables
  • Customizable Link Title Format w/ variables
  • Assignable CSS Class
  • Ability to add custom HTML attributes to links (w/ variables)
  • XHTML Valid and CSS Friendly


Thanks to Reciprocity for their WordPress PHP tag cloud code, as a reference point.

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