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Keep it Separated: Dashes or Underscores? [SEO]

At work we are reworking our coding guidelines to be more consistent and what not. We've standardized a lot of CSS classes, naming guidelines, etc. but we spent a bit of time discussing whether an underscore or a dash is better for separating words in our code.

First Touch Screen Application [Touchy Feely]

At my student job over at the Student Unions & Activities at the U of MN, we just completed a pretty big project. It was tons of fun and we're still improving it. It is a WebKit-based touch screen directory application. There is no Flash, there is no Silverlight. It was written using jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and cutting edge CSS3. The floor maps were done primarily in Google SketchUp and I modified some in Photoshop with extra information. The app runs on a Mac Mini and uses a webcam to detect movement and stop the screensaver so people can use it.

Release: ASP.NET Picasa Photo Gallery + API [Project]

I've created a small package that allows .NET developers to easily consume the Picasa API and create a simple photo gallery.

Update: jQuery Rich Text Editor [New Version]

A new minor update has been released to the jQuery Rich Text Editor with some new icons and an ASP.NET demo.

Making UrlRewritingNet Ignore URLs [Fix]

I recently updated the Intrepid Studios site back-end to include ELMAH, the error reporting module. ELMAH is great and works great, except that it doesn't play nice with UrlRewritingNet.

Jumpstart Your .NET Web Application Development - $12 [Marketplace]

I've been exploring the CodeCanyon marketplace for a little while now and I am pretty impressed. It's an opportunity to monetize some ideas I've had and to gain some portfolio work and possibly more customers. I've been a proponent of free software (I provide some on this site) so I won't be selling everything I make, but I think it's nice to put some product out there as a web designer.

New Version of Intrepid Studios En Route [Stay Tuned]

We are our own worst critics and I am no exception to that. Since I last released this initial version of Intrepid Studios a year or two ago, I've always been unhappy with a few parts of the site and some of the design in general. This last week, I've been motivated to change that and fix things around here.

MinneWebCon 2010 – Informal User Testing

I just finished up with attending this year's MinneWebCon. I was excited because it was my first time being apart of a presentation at such a large event and I hope it's not the last. Our topic was about informal user testing and how that helps drive design and creating a usable application. The main speaker was my old supervisor, Zach Johnson, and then those of us who currently work at Student Unions & Activities: Ken Loomis, Ethan Poole, and me.

Debug Your .NET Web Project With IIS Express [Tips & Tricks]

Update: IIS Express has been officially released as a standalone installation.

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