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Simple ToolTips for ListBox Controls [Windows Forms]

I am working on a project right now and I list values in a ListBox, but the text gets cut off when a value is really long. I looked around and while I found custom controls and such, I didn't need anything fancy. Here is a quick fix I found on MSDN.

Random .NET Tips & Tricks: Using, LINQ, Initializers, and Config Encryption [VB.NET]

I've just started my summer internship at General Mills and while I can't talk a lot about the different things I'll be working on or have seen (on pain of death), I can at least share with you the random tips I've picked up through my .NET training and work.

A Sneak Peek at the BlackJack Game Written in WPF [Awesome]

Windows Presentation Foundation is a rich framework for building highly interactive and dynamic UIs. In other words, it works really well for simple games (one day I will try my hand at a 2D RPG written in WPF). It's easy for developers already familiar with .NET and its languages to leverage and create awesome client applications (or its web-based equivalent, Silverlight). Get a sneak peek at my BlackJack implementation after the jump!

Easily Select Controls Using Complex Expressions [Sizzle]

If you've used jQuery before, you know you want that kind of amazing selector functionality for .NET. The good news is that you can get that kind of complex selecting using a free code snippet called Ra.Selector. It supports finding controls by type according to a predicate (boolean expression) and also recursively finding a control by ID.

Maintaining Checked State On Radio/Checkbox Controls On Post Back

I had a unique problem today. Here's the scenario: You have a ListView that dynamically loads different ItemTemplates depending on a specific criteria (in my case, a category). You load this user control template into the ItemTemplate and create some radio and checkbox buttons. If you set GroupName on the controls to a group name, .NET will not associate all the different buttons across the templates because they have different naming containers.

Power Tip: Convert a string to an array of Integers

Here are two extension methods that can convert a string (delimited by anything of your choosing) into an array of integers. Successfully handles any non-Integer data smoothly as well.

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