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A New Site for a New Year

It's about time we had ourselves a new website and what better way to celebrate the new year than with releasing one?

Release: Lightweight Rich-Text Editor [jQuery]

We've released a jQuery lightweight rich text editor that is fully compatible with .NET applications.

Release: Just Another Carousel [jQuery]

We've released another jQuery plugin, dubbed Just Another Carousel.

Release: Image Grid Creator [Windows]

This is not a new software we've created, instead we've created a project homepage for theImage Grid Creator (formerly known as Album Grid Creator). The software was originally released before the Intrepid Studios web site was finished but I updated it today to support some more file formats.

Release: Phyllis Wheatley Community Lawyering Project [PHP]

We’ve released a new web site, the Phyllis Wheatley Community Lawyering Project.  The cool thing about this site is the jQuery animation on the homepage (above) that degrades gracefully for non-Javascript enabled browsers (i.e. progressive enhancement). We also customized the WordPress template to match the rest of the site, which was easier than I thought.

Release: [Web Site]

We just finished a new web site today,, for a lifestyle guide. The web site was created for a friend of mine. I've seen the guide, there's nothing magical about it, it's totally practical and pretty funny. Check it out!

Release: Measure Custom Clothing [Web Site]

We're proud to announce a new website we've developed for our client Measure Custom Clothing. They sell custom suits and shirts at low prices in the Twin Cities area.

Release: ASP.NET Picasa Photo Gallery + API [Project]

I've created a small package that allows .NET developers to easily consume the Picasa API and create a simple photo gallery.

Update: jQuery Rich Text Editor [New Version]

A new minor update has been released to the jQuery Rich Text Editor with some new icons and an ASP.NET demo.

Jumpstart Your .NET Web Application Development - $12 [Marketplace]

I've been exploring the CodeCanyon marketplace for a little while now and I am pretty impressed. It's an opportunity to monetize some ideas I've had and to gain some portfolio work and possibly more customers. I've been a proponent of free software (I provide some on this site) so I won't be selling everything I make, but I think it's nice to put some product out there as a web designer.

Happy New Year! Intrepid Studios Has Been Re-designed [Rejoice]

Remember way back when I posted about the upcoming redesign? It’s here! I figured it was a good time to spend a couple days and finish up the last few modifications to the site.

Introducing .JSON, 500 lines of dynamically typed JSON goodness

Ever wish you could work with JSON in .NET as you normally do with regular old objects? Well, now you can:

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