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A New Site for a New Year

It's about time we had ourselves a new website and what better way to celebrate the new year than with releasing one?

Hamster Malfunctions [Buggy]

Please forgive us if you encounter errors while browsing the site. We are constantly working on it and when transferring files over we sometimes miss ones. The errors should go away after a few minutes.

New Sample Solutions Section Added: Arrays, Datasets, and BlackJack [Content]


We've created a new section as part of our Projects area for all of our sample applications and code. Before, we'd upload a zip into a public folder and forget about it. Now we can properly manage releases and have additional information for samples.

We've Won an Award! [Video Games]

I can now say I have officially worked on an award-winning video game. My boss, mentor, and friend,Zach Johnson, and I have been awarded the Maroon Award for Electronic Media and Education from the University of Minnesota Communications Forum for our work onHandy Andy 2: The Ampersand Trail video game.

Release: Phyllis Wheatley Community Lawyering Project [PHP]

We’ve released a new web site, the Phyllis Wheatley Community Lawyering Project.  The cool thing about this site is the jQuery animation on the homepage (above) that degrades gracefully for non-Javascript enabled browsers (i.e. progressive enhancement). We also customized the WordPress template to match the rest of the site, which was easier than I thought.

What's the Hold Up, Yo? [Time is Short]

I have mentioned before my intent to post my Black Jack WPF implementation for public use and fun, to showcase object-oriented concepts and full use of animations/sounds/timelines in WPF. Really it's to show how even in .NET you can create games, if you put your mind to it. It is complete in the limited sense of the word, meaning that it runs fine and plays fine but is missing some AI logic.

A Sneak Peek at the BlackJack Game Written in WPF [Awesome]

Windows Presentation Foundation is a rich framework for building highly interactive and dynamic UIs. In other words, it works really well for simple games (one day I will try my hand at a 2D RPG written in WPF). It's easy for developers already familiar with .NET and its languages to leverage and create awesome client applications (or its web-based equivalent, Silverlight). Get a sneak peek at my BlackJack implementation after the jump!

Announcing Ampersand Adventures [Orientation]

Announcing the new game, Ampersand Adventures, for incoming freshman at the University of Minnesota. Hit the jump to learn more!

Akismet to the Rescue [Spam]

I get a lot of spam comments on this blog and yesterday I finally got annoyed enough to setupAkismet with my blog. It was really simple, only took 20 minutes or so to integrate it.

New Version of Intrepid Studios En Route [Stay Tuned]

We are our own worst critics and I am no exception to that. Since I last released this initial version of Intrepid Studios a year or two ago, I've always been unhappy with a few parts of the site and some of the design in general. This last week, I've been motivated to change that and fix things around here.

MinneWebCon 2010 – Informal User Testing

I just finished up with attending this year's MinneWebCon. I was excited because it was my first time being apart of a presentation at such a large event and I hope it's not the last. Our topic was about informal user testing and how that helps drive design and creating a usable application. The main speaker was my old supervisor, Zach Johnson, and then those of us who currently work at Student Unions & Activities: Ken Loomis, Ethan Poole, and me.

You Say Goodbye WebHost4Life, I Say Hello Arvixe

Well, I guess I'm the one saying goodbye to Webhost4life. Yes, they had a decent run but all in all their service is not as good as I thought it was. Bar not being able to use the new control panel formonths the site was slow and I was itching to convert the new Intrepid Studios to .NET 4.

Happy New Year! Intrepid Studios Has Been Re-designed [Rejoice]

Remember way back when I posted about the upcoming redesign? It’s here! I figured it was a good time to spend a couple days and finish up the last few modifications to the site.

It's About Time I Let You Fix My Bugs [Social Coding]

Over the past months, I have gotten some feedback on some of my projects that there are bugs, feature requests, etc. etc. and while I am a busy person, some of it is that I am just lazy :)

Site Updates and Bug Fixes (1/30/2011) [News]

I made some updates today to the site.

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