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Release: Lightweight Rich-Text Editor [jQuery]

We've released a jQuery lightweight rich text editor that is fully compatible with .NET applications.

Release: Just Another Carousel [jQuery]

We've released another jQuery plugin, dubbed Just Another Carousel.

Announcing Ampersand Adventures [Orientation]

Announcing the new game, Ampersand Adventures, for incoming freshman at the University of Minnesota. Hit the jump to learn more!

Space Reservations Revamp [Before & After]

One of the big projects I worked on at Student Unions & Activities last spring thru this fall was to help revamp the entire events & conferences part of the site. We analyzed the problems, we conducted usability tests, and we toiled a long time trying to achieve a usable web site.

Live JavaScript Clock [jQuery]

For a project at work we wanted to show the time to the user (kiosk application) in real-time. I needed it to be super simple, just updating text every minute in a paragraph tag. I was about to write my own jQuery plugin, but someone has done it for me.

First Touch Screen Application [Touchy Feely]

At my student job over at the Student Unions & Activities at the U of MN, we just completed a pretty big project. It was tons of fun and we're still improving it. It is a WebKit-based touch screen directory application. There is no Flash, there is no Silverlight. It was written using jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and cutting edge CSS3. The floor maps were done primarily in Google SketchUp and I modified some in Photoshop with extra information. The app runs on a Mac Mini and uses a webcam to detect movement and stop the screensaver so people can use it.

Update: jQuery Rich Text Editor [New Version]

A new minor update has been released to the jQuery Rich Text Editor with some new icons and an ASP.NET demo.

Making jQuery Play Nice with XML [Project]

tl;dr I've made a plugin for jQuery that makes it easy to work with XML natively in jQuery. Get the code from myGitHub.

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