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Customize ASP.NET Wizard SideBar Template [Snippet]

If you have used the ASP.NET Wizard Control and have tried to use the default Sidebar template, you know that it does not allow you to get rid of the LinkButton controls. Learn about how to customize the sidebar template to your needs.

Using Default Values in LINQ to SQL

If your SQL Server automatically provides default values for certain columns, you may be scratching your head wondering why Linq to SQL throws errors when you don't provide values for those columns whenever you insert rows. Learn how to make Linq to SQL behave.

Function to Generate a Slug (URL-friendly String) [Helpers] [Updated]

Update #1: With the help of my esteemed colleague Zach, I've provided a PHP function as well and fixed some bugs with the .NET version.

Function That Resizes Dimensions to Bounds [Helpers]

In one of my current projects at work I needed to load photos off the file system and resize them so that they fit within a specified set of bounds. So, obviously, I created a function to calculate it for me!

Function That Generates a Page Title Based Off Web.Sitemap [Helpers]

On the Intrepid Studios site, we use a web.sitemap file to keep a list of the static pages on the site. It's becoming more common in web design to have a page title that is a reverse-breadcrumb. Learn how to do it for your own site using a helpful function.

Putting DynamicFields in a Validation Group [Dynamic Data]

If you're like me, you've implemented Dynamic Data with master-detail pages that include GridView controls and perhaps multiple drill-down DetailsView controls or other form controls.

You also proceeded to realize that validating two or more controls on the same page with DynamicFields is hard, to the say the least. Luckily, I found a streamlined solution!

Release: Image Grid Creator [Windows]

This is not a new software we've created, instead we've created a project homepage for theImage Grid Creator (formerly known as Album Grid Creator). The software was originally released before the Intrepid Studios web site was finished but I updated it today to support some more file formats.

Easy Data-Driven UI Using Windows Forms [.NET]

It's a common need in developing software to change control values based on data from a database or a property on an object. For example, choosing a customer name in a ListBox and filling in all their details into some form controls. You might first begin by implementing code in OnSelectedIndexChanged events, OnTextChanged events, etc. I will cover how to create a totally dynamic data-driven interface without using any UI logic at all.

RegEx: Get the array of values for a SET/ENUM in MySQL [Snippet]

Need a fast and easy way to generate an array of the different values for a SET or ENUM data type in MySQL? I'll show you how in two lines of code.

Jumpstart Your .NET Web Application Development - $12 [Marketplace]

I've been exploring the CodeCanyon marketplace for a little while now and I am pretty impressed. It's an opportunity to monetize some ideas I've had and to gain some portfolio work and possibly more customers. I've been a proponent of free software (I provide some on this site) so I won't be selling everything I make, but I think it's nice to put some product out there as a web designer.

Introducing .JSON, 500 lines of dynamically typed JSON goodness

Ever wish you could work with JSON in .NET as you normally do with regular old objects? Well, now you can:

A C# PrettyJson Extension Method [Gist]

I wrote this for my .JSON module:

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