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Customize ASP.NET Wizard SideBar Template [Snippet]

If you have used the ASP.NET Wizard Control and have tried to use the default Sidebar template, you know that it does not allow you to get rid of the LinkButton controls. Learn about how to customize the sidebar template to your needs.

Read RSS/Atom Feed Using .NET and the XmlDataSource With Or Without Namespaces [Coding]

Today I was working on my site and I wanted to show some recent blog entries on the side. Used to PHP I was looking for an RSS reader I could use. I found one but it didn't quite work with what I needed.

Using Default Values in LINQ to SQL

If your SQL Server automatically provides default values for certain columns, you may be scratching your head wondering why Linq to SQL throws errors when you don't provide values for those columns whenever you insert rows. Learn how to make Linq to SQL behave.

Function That Generates a Page Title Based Off Web.Sitemap [Helpers]

On the Intrepid Studios site, we use a web.sitemap file to keep a list of the static pages on the site. It's becoming more common in web design to have a page title that is a reverse-breadcrumb. Learn how to do it for your own site using a helpful function.

URL Rewrite Not Working? Use IIS7 Integrated Mode

Recently for our web site, we ran into a problem where our URL rewrite module wasn't working with non-.NET-handled files. As you may know, IIS7supports using URL rewriting with all kinds of files without too much web.config editing.

Putting DynamicFields in a Validation Group [Dynamic Data]

If you're like me, you've implemented Dynamic Data with master-detail pages that include GridView controls and perhaps multiple drill-down DetailsView controls or other form controls.

You also proceeded to realize that validating two or more controls on the same page with DynamicFields is hard, to the say the least. Luckily, I found a streamlined solution!

So you want to be a .NET developer…

My friend and colleague Zach Johnson posted a great article on beginning web development. His post is mostly focused on PHP/MySQL due to his background, so I thought I'd expand on his excellent advice by talking about beginning .NET development. Take a look at what I have to say after the jump.

Random .NET Tips & Tricks: Using, LINQ, Initializers, and Config Encryption [VB.NET]

I've just started my summer internship at General Mills and while I can't talk a lot about the different things I'll be working on or have seen (on pain of death), I can at least share with you the random tips I've picked up through my .NET training and work.

What's the Hold Up, Yo? [Time is Short]

I have mentioned before my intent to post my Black Jack WPF implementation for public use and fun, to showcase object-oriented concepts and full use of animations/sounds/timelines in WPF. Really it's to show how even in .NET you can create games, if you put your mind to it. It is complete in the limited sense of the word, meaning that it runs fine and plays fine but is missing some AI logic.

LINQ-to-SQL Bug: Using Property Name vs. DB Column Name for GUIDs

I came across this error today when working with my LINQ-to-SQL insert logic. "Invalid column name 'Id'." At first, I didn't understand why it was throwing this error because the source name was correct, "MyColumnRowGuid."

Yes, You Can Manage Solutions Using Different Source Control Providers

I had that question today as I just branched a piece of my current project into its own side project on CodePlex. I wondered since I was using TFS as the default source control plug-in in VS.NET whether I couldn't open my SVN-controlled solution. It turns out, you can! Apparently it is solution-scope and not application-scope, so in one VS instance you could have a TFS project open, in the other, your SVN project. That is my current state right now.

How To: Use a ListView to Make People Read a Statement Before Filling Out Your Form

I use a ListView to display a form based off of a data model that people fill out. I know that ListViews are meant for lists but I like that you can databind it to a source so you don't have to do any code behind. In my case, I just need values from a custom control within the ListView.

Maintaining Checked State On Radio/Checkbox Controls On Post Back

I had a unique problem today. Here's the scenario: You have a ListView that dynamically loads different ItemTemplates depending on a specific criteria (in my case, a category). You load this user control template into the ItemTemplate and create some radio and checkbox buttons. If you set GroupName on the controls to a group name, .NET will not associate all the different buttons across the templates because they have different naming containers.

Using GUIDs in LinqDataSource Controls

Having trouble using Guid IDs in your LinqDataSource controls? This was a small tip I learned searching across the web. I will show you how you can do it, it's possible!

Making Long Forms Easier [.NET]

If you have an unwieldy form, like I do, it can be a pain when you click an action button near the bottom of the page and have it scroll all the way up on PostBack. Here's a simple way to fix that.

Akismet to the Rescue [Spam]

I get a lot of spam comments on this blog and yesterday I finally got annoyed enough to setupAkismet with my blog. It was really simple, only took 20 minutes or so to integrate it.

GoDaddy ASP.NET Issues and Solutions

I am currently working with a client and we chose GoDaddy for the host of the site. What I did not know is that GoDaddy is pretty restrictive in terms of trust (Medium trust environment). I ran into some hiccups and I want to share the solutions for others that have had similar problems.

Release: ASP.NET Picasa Photo Gallery + API [Project]

I've created a small package that allows .NET developers to easily consume the Picasa API and create a simple photo gallery.

Making UrlRewritingNet Ignore URLs [Fix]

I recently updated the Intrepid Studios site back-end to include ELMAH, the error reporting module. ELMAH is great and works great, except that it doesn't play nice with UrlRewritingNet.

Jumpstart Your .NET Web Application Development - $12 [Marketplace]

I've been exploring the CodeCanyon marketplace for a little while now and I am pretty impressed. It's an opportunity to monetize some ideas I've had and to gain some portfolio work and possibly more customers. I've been a proponent of free software (I provide some on this site) so I won't be selling everything I make, but I think it's nice to put some product out there as a web designer.

New Version of Intrepid Studios En Route [Stay Tuned]

We are our own worst critics and I am no exception to that. Since I last released this initial version of Intrepid Studios a year or two ago, I've always been unhappy with a few parts of the site and some of the design in general. This last week, I've been motivated to change that and fix things around here.

Debug Your .NET Web Project With IIS Express [Tips & Tricks]

Update: IIS Express has been officially released as a standalone installation.

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