I saw this comment on my Code Canyon item today (editorialized):

You stole this from so-and-so's book, it's almost exactly the template they provide, blah blah, more false accusations.

I offer you, accusation-spewing fiend, some proof that I own this code:


Is their template laid out exactly like this? Doubtful considering I made it.


Yep, looks like my code alright…


Hey look, API documentation for everything I made?

I don't know what template you were looking at, but I'll give you $1000 that it doesn't have any of those functions. All of these helpers have been functions I've made in the past during my years as a programmer. Hell, I probably can dig up a lot more.

Anyway, I don't need to prove myself to you. It's not fake, I worked on it for about a week, and I should really update it, thanks for reminding me. It's just a template that helps people get up and running a bit faster during development, the helpers are a useful add-on.

If you don't like it, use Sharp Architecture. It's probably more up-to-date now, anyway! I have been considering taking my template off Code Canyon anyway in favor of creating a new, free template on GitHub and keeping just packaged snippets to being sold. Mine is woefully out-of-date with best practices (LINQ to SQL??? No DI containers??? The horror!).

Good day to you, sir.