I have mentioned before my intent to post my Black Jack WPF implementation for public use and fun, to showcase object-oriented concepts and full use of animations/sounds/timelines in WPF. Really it's to show how even in .NET you can create games, if you put your mind to it. It is complete in the limited sense of the word, meaning that it runs fine and plays fine but is missing some AI logic.

To be frank, after reading some more books on OO-development in general, I realize in hindsight that it is not using the most efficient and accurate OO-design. In addition, it doesn't use any decent patterns except Observers and Singletons. For a WPF application, I should really be leveraging the MVVM pattern. I am currently in the process of studying different enterprise, Gang of Four, and other patterns that I think will benefit my development greatly. Because of this, I am holding off on releasing the app so that I can refactor it into a more educational lesson of good architecture design.

The other project I have whispered about is re-releasing Torrent Typhoon as an open source framework for torrent searching. I could just release what I have but what I have is not really suitable for the public. Nor does it offer would I really want to achieve: a server-oriented architecture. Can you imagine? Torrent searching on the cloud, from any client you want. You could download the framework and write a web application, Windows Forms application, WPF application, BlackBerry application, iPhone application, any application that can consume a WCF service, that's the dream I have.

What I am learning and studying now will eventually motivate me to "fix" my projects. When will that day come? Who knows. Months. Years. Just watch out for it.