Random .NET Tips & Tricks: Using, LINQ, Initializers, and Config Encryption [VB.NET]

I've just started my summer internship at General Mills and while I can't talk a lot about the different things I'll be working on or have seen (on pain of death), I can at least share with you the random tips I've picked up through my .NET training and work. More »

Get the First Paragraph of Text of a String [Helpers]

This is a simple PHP function (that can easily be replicated in .NET) that will take a string and get the first paragraph of text it can find. Works with HTML and plain text. Hit the jump for the code. More »

RegEx: Get the array of values for a SET/ENUM in MySQL [Snippet]

Need a fast and easy way to generate an array of the different values for a SET or ENUM data type in MySQL? I'll show you how in two lines of code. More »

Release: Phyllis Wheatley Community Lawyering Project [PHP]


We’ve released a new web site, the Phyllis Wheatley Community Lawyering Project.  The cool thing about this site is the jQuery animation on the homepage (above) that degrades gracefully for non-Javascript enabled browsers (i.e. progressive enhancement). We also customized the WordPress template to match the rest of the site, which was easier than I thought.

You can learn more about what we provided the PWCLP with on its project page.

This site was done for a real client in one of my classes and I’ve credited my team on the project page. I’d like to thank them again here:

  • Jena Barch, Content Editor
  • Michael Ramlet, Project Manager
  • Kevin Yu, Creative Input
  • Erin Soletski, Creative Input

Thanks team!

We've Won an Award! [Video Games]

I can now say I have officially worked on an award-winning video game. My boss, mentor, and friend, Zach Johnson, and I have been awarded the Maroon Award for Electronic Media and Education from the University of Minnesota Communications Forum for our work on Handy Andy 2: The Ampersand Trail video game.

Handy Andy 2 won an award!

Here's looking to win an award for next year's game we're working on!

Easy Data-Driven UI Using Windows Forms [.NET]

It's a common need in developing software to change control values based on data from a database or a property on an object. For example, choosing a customer name in a ListBox and filling in all their details into some form controls. You might first begin by implementing code in OnSelectedIndexChanged events, OnTextChanged events, etc. I will cover how to create a totally dynamic data-driven interface without using any UI logic at all. More »
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