Fix IE iFrame Disabled Scrollbar Render Bug [CSS]

IE Scrollbar Bug

In a project I'm currently working on, we have content pop up in ShadowBox from another page. The problem was that in Internet Explorer, a space on the right side of the iframe was appearing that made my background picture on the body tag and a div tag not line up. I will show you how to fix this after the jump. More »

New Sample Solutions Section Added: Arrays, Datasets, and BlackJack [Content]


We've created a new section as part of our Projects area for all of our sample applications and code. Before, we'd upload a zip into a public folder and forget about it. Now we can properly manage releases and have additional information for samples. More »

Release: Image Grid Creator [Windows]


This is not a new software we've created, instead we've created a project homepage for the Image Grid Creator (formerly known as Album Grid Creator). The software was originally released before the Intrepid Studios web site was finished but I updated it today to support some more file formats.

The Image Grid Creator will take a folder of images and create a grid out of them according to your specifications.


To download the software, head on over to the Image Grid Creator project homepage.

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