Fix: Suckerfish IE7 Disappear/Sticky Bug

After searching Google and reading comments, I could not find a solution to a problem I had while using the Sons of Suckerfish drop-down menu. My problem was not only that the drop down stuck when you clicked somewhere first, but also the drop down would disappear when I got past a certain point (probably the height of the containing <li>). More »

Read RSS/Atom Feed Using .NET and the XmlDataSource With Or Without Namespaces [Coding]

Today I was working on my site and I wanted to show some recent blog entries on the side. Used to PHP I was looking for an RSS reader I could use. I found one but it didn't quite work with what I needed. More »

Use PHP to Grab Event Date from Google Calendar RSS

Recently I finished a site that required me to use Google Calendar to manage events. I thought that it would be nice to show what events are up and coming, so I used SimplePie to grab and show their calendar feed. More »
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