About Me

Photo of Kamran Ayub as a baby

Hi! My name is Kamran and that's what I used to look like. I created this company when I was a wee lad and now it has grown into a regular side project. I currently work full-time and tinker with my pet projects when I get a chance. I enjoy writing and sometimes I decide to do some freelancing. I possess some skills, too.

I always keep three main ideas in mind when I work on a project for work or pleasure:


  • I write all my code by hand
  • I learn more when I write by hand
  • Things are more organized
  • I know my applications inside out


  • We write applications for people
  • Things should be intuitive
  • Things should be easy-to-use
  • I never want to think about it


  • Credibility is proportional to beauty
  • If it looks nice, I trust it
  • Shiny objects attract people
  • Good design is married to function
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